National Honor Society Induction at Glen Cove High School

National Honor Society Induction at Glen Cove High School Photo

Glen Cove High School’s National Honor Society inducted 50 members in an annual ceremony on May 22.

The evening began with senior Laura Roesch leading those in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by Principal Antonio Santana who welcomed students and their families and congratulated them on their outstanding achievements.

“Nights like this are a great source of pride for me,” Santana said. “Anytime I get to celebrate the achievements of my students, I feel like I’m celebrating the achievements of my own children.”

Robert Donno, a board member of the Nassau County Youth Board, was the guest speaker at the ceremony. He told students that they had “absolutely great credentials” to make the difference in the world they want to make. He then asked, “How many of you want to go out and change the world?”

“There’s a mindset you need if you want to change the world — see the truth, ask a lot of questions and take time to think — most people don’t do that,” Donno said.     

The candlelighting ceremony featured NHS officers describing the pillars of scholarship, leadership, service and character, each of which is deemed necessary to be considered for induction. Inductees were each called to the auditorium stage and presented with a certificate of membership and a flower. Each student also took time to honor teachers they felt had made a positive impact on their life during the ceremony. Congratulations to all the new inductees!