Youngsters Explore the History of Glen Cove at City Hall

Valerie Scicchitano and Erin O'Beirne's fourth-grade class at Connolly Elementary School recently took a trip to Glen Cove City Hall to interview Mayor Ralph Suozzi. In the days leading up to their visit, the students compiled a list of questions with their concerns and interests regarding the Glen Cove community.

Mayor Suozzi greeted the children and their teachers with a warm welcome.  After graciously answering their questions, the Mayor gave the students a first class tour of the 100 year-old City Hall building.  

Mayor Suozzi also spoke about the projects that he is working on in the City, such as improving the parks with new playgrounds.  He talked about clean water and respecting the Earth and encouraged the students to be active participants in preserving the beauty of Glen Cove. The students took pictures with the Mayor, which will be used as part of an iMovie they are creating pertaining to the history of Glen Cove.