Waterfront Visit Reinforces Science for Landing Students

Waterfront Visit Reinforces Science for Landing Students Photo

Landing fourth-graders visited the Oyster Bay Waterfront Center to reinforce their studies in science.

During the visit, students participated in different activities with members of the Waterfront Center teaching them about water quality and water testing; sea creatures; and how to properly use a drag net to catch animals. They also took part in a variety of water quality tests to determine things such as how much salt was in the water, the acidity level and how clear the water was. The students loved going on a scavenger hunt to find various objects and sea creatures, learning about snails, crabs, spider crabs, clams, horseshoe crabs and many other animals found in the Long Island Sound. 

This hands-on experience was very exciting for the students. They enjoyed wearing special boots and life jackets, as they used a drag net to catch various animals and objects. The fourth-grade teachers expressed their gratitude to the PTA for helping to sponsor the trip, and extended a special thank-you to teacher Melissa Harechmak for organizing it.