Connolly Students Race Recyclable Cars

Connolly Students Race Recyclable Cars Photo

It was a race to the finish at Connolly School as third-grade students put their recyclable cars to the test during a recent STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts and math) class.

Prior to race day, the students, led by STEAM teacher Cheryl Carmody, designed and built their cars using recyclable materials and MakerSpace supplies, such as straws, masking tape and yarn. The students worked in teams and had to select the items they planned to use, based on a budget of $1,000. Each item had a set cost and the group had to collaborate to determine which items they needed and at what cost.

On the day of the race, each group had an opportunity to test their cars and make any changes they felt necessary before the final race. They also had to write about any changes they made, how they felt their car performed and update any additional supplies they might have had to “purchase.”

Mrs. Carmody set up a track for the race and timed each individual group to see whose car was the fastest. The students had a great time!