Finley Students Head to High School

Finley Students Head to High School Photo

Eighth-graders at Robert M. Finley Middle School bid farewell to teachers and administrators during the school’s moving up ceremony on June 22.

The ceremony began with the seventh-grade band playing “Pomp and Circumstance” as students processed into the school’s auditorium. It continued with Patrick Grecco III leading those in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Finley’s top two eighth-graders, Luciano Tuo and Sidney Angalet, addressed their classmates at the ceremony, as did Principal Nelson Iocolano, who reflected on a TED Talk given by Pope Francis as his inspiration for his remarks. 

“The Pope had three messages he hoped to impart,” he said. “First, he wanted to remind us that we all need each other, that none of us is an island. His second message was his hope that all of the scientific and technological innovations that we currently enjoy, and that are yet to come, will help create greater equality and social inclusion. His final message was a call for revolution, a revolution of tenderness.” 

Iocolano then shared with students how the Pope’s message reminded him of them. He commended the students on their local and global charitable endeavors, and encouraged them to use technology to connect with other activists to create an interconnected network of social, environmental, and global justice conscious individuals who will help them become the heroes that this world needs. 

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Maria Rianna also addressed the graduating eighth-graders and their families, congratulating them on their outstanding achievements.    

After Dr. Rianna’s comments, students were presented with certificates marking their completion of the eighth grade. They were also treated to a musical performance by a select group of eighth-graders, who performed “You’ve Got a Friend” and later enjoyed dancing and taking photos at the annual eighth-grade dance.