Connolly Students Create Carnival Games

Carnival Photo

Fourth-grade STEAM students at Connolly School were inspired by the video Caine's Arcade to invent and create arcade games they could play at their carnival.

The students worked in teams of four, following the engineering design process: ask, imagine, plan, create and improve. They used recycled items found at home such as boxes, tubes and cups to create their arcade games. Each game had a special name, and had rules, which were written and clearly marked on the game. Many of the teams also created tickets and prepared prizes to give to the winners.

During the carnival, the teams took turns manning the games, giving out prizes, playing and having fun. One student commented, “This is like being at a real carnival! I love playing and winning prizes!”

“I was so proud of all my fourth-grade students for the hard work they put into creating, building and problem-solving each step of making their game,” STEAM teacher Cheryl Carmody said. “They showed great team work and cooperation all along the way.”

 This was the second year that students have incorporated the fourth-grade arcade to the Connolly Carnival. The students made it quite the success!