Glen Cove High School Celebrates the Class of 2017

Glen Cove High School Celebrates the Class of 2017 Photo

It was a special day for the graduating class at Glen Cove High School, as four years of hard work and dedication ultimately led to graduation day on June 25. Now, the Class of 2017 looks forward, as they embark on the next journey of their lives.

Students marched from the gymnasium onto J.C. Maiden Field as their families, friends and community members cheered from the bleachers. The high school band performed “Pomp and Circumstance” while graduates made their way to their seats.

After valedictorian Julie Micko led the Pledge of Allegiance, the school’s concert choir, conducted by senior Xavier Fernandez, performed the alma mater. Principal Antonio Santana then shared some thoughts with the Class of 2017.

“I want to thank the Class of 2017,” he said. “Thank you all for being such fantastic individuals. Thank you for enriching my life over the last two years. It’s really been awesome.”

Students also heard words of wisdom from their valedictorian, salutatorian and honorarian, Julie Micko, Geovani Flores and Laura Roesch, respectively, as well as Board of Education President Amy Franklin, senior class president Anthony James Perfetti and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Maria Rianna.

“The memories and character you developed here are irreplaceable,” Micko said. “Always look back at your life story with as few regrets as possible, because every mistake and awkward moment here has helped you grow, bit by bit, into the unique individual you are today.”

Flores praised his classmates for their hard work getting to this point, and said that if it weren’t for the students, families and friends, they wouldn’t be where they are today. This included a touching tribute to his own family, both in English and Spanish.

Roesch said people have asked her throughout the past year what’s next, and where does she see herself in five years, and she said it’s okay not to know just yet.

“I’m just as clueless as they are about what the future holds,” she said. “Everyone expects you to have a plan. However as of right now, I don’t have the answers to any of the important questions and I don’t need them. The next four years are the first steps to finding some of the answers.”

Dr. Rianna said she’s going to miss the Class of 2017, but she looks forward to seeing what the future holds for these talented young men and women.

“The time with them, listening and working with them, has been a tremendous experience,” Dr. Rianna said. “They are a very special group of young people, diverse in their dreams, in their skills and their many talents, but very similar in their passion, their sense of community and in their hearts.”