Gribbin Kindergartners Embrace New Literacy Program

Gribbin Kindergartners Embrace New Literacy Program photo

Kindergarten students at Gribbin School are learning to write and form letters in a fun and interesting way, thanks to Wilson’s early literacy phonics program Fundations.

The Fundations program, which was implemented by the district for kindergartners this September, employs a research-based approach and extensive program materials to assist teachers in presenting a carefully structured literacy curriculum using multisensory techniques.

During a recent class lesson, teacher Sable Battaglia reviewed the letters “g,” “a,” “i” and others. Using baby Echo, an owl puppet that helps reinforce key concepts for students, she said each letter, reviewed the sound it makes when pronounced and identified a word that began with the letter. Students then were asked to echo what they heard. After reviewing the letters and sounds, the class was asked to skywrite each letter. Each student raised an arm, closed one eye and made the shape of each letter with an outstretched finger. Battaglia also reviewed sky line, plane line, grass line and worm line — guidelines used to help students write letters. The children then returned to their seats and continued the lesson by tracing the letters in their workbooks.

“I really like the systematic nature of this program,” Battaglia said. “It’s very structured and routine, which is essential for students at this age. They are also making a strong connection between the letters and sounds, thanks to the integration of the visual aids.”