Medical Career Day at Glen Cove High School

Medical Career Day at Glen Cove High School photo

Glen Cove High School students learned about various medical careers and attended lectures provided by health professionals when the school hosted Medical Career Day in conjunction with Glen Cove Hospital on Oct. 20.

During the all-day event, students had an opportunity to visit a health fair in the school’s gymnasium. It featured a multitude of exhibits focused on health-related fields, including emergency medical services, emergency room nursing, environmental services, patient services, dermatology and many more. Students could hear lectures, such as “How Do You See Yourself?” (self and body image), “Nonclinical Health-care Careers,” “From Immigrant to Cardiac Surgeon,” “Drug Awareness and Prevention” and “Nutrition.”    

“We collaborated with Northwell in an attempt to expose students to the many facets of the health-care system,” said Principal Antonio Santana. “We specifically wanted to show students that there are multiple employment opportunities that range from doctors and nurses, to computers and security and finance. In other words, within the health-care industry there is a niche for everyone. In addition, we prepared a series of lectures on various topics we thought would be of interest to the students.”