Deasy Students Explore Science and Share Their Findings

Deasy Students Explore Science and Share Their Findings photo

October has been a month filled with exploration and discovery for Deasy first-graders. The students enjoyed their first unit of study in science, studying plant and animal superpowers and the ways living things adapt to the world.

To start their inquiry, the students explored what it means to be a scientist through investigating leaves to learn what types of trees grow at Deasy School. Students collected data (leaves), compared and contrasted (sorted) them, and drew conclusions to figure out that there are oak, maple and beech trees growing on the Deasy playground.  

They then began to explore the human body and the function of the skeletal system. Students learned how different systems, such as the skeletal system, have specific and important functions that help humans survive. They listened to informational texts, took a close look at different models and were able to replicate and create their own model of the human skeleton. Students were then able to share their research with their classmates and parents at a Halloween party.