Professional Development Sparks Excitement for Educators

Professional Development Sparks Excitement for Educators photo
On Superintendent’s Conference Day, a number of Glen Cove secondary science teachers attended a day of professional development through Nassau BOCES at Caumsett State Park.  

Teachers learned about geocaching, a method of using a GPS to track down a cache, a container with small items. During the exercise, the cache was a geological formation and the activity was EarthCaching. Teachers used a GPS to locate a glacial erratic, a large rock that was once carried and deposited by glacial ice that is different from other types of rocks found in the area. While the activity was directly applicable to earth science teachers, the experience also proved valuable for life science teachers, who in addition to teaching life science teach living environment and marine biology. 

The instructor, whose expertise is in marine biology, presented an in-depth look at the life cycle of the horseshoe crab. This species, native to Long Island, dates back 450 million years and has survived five mass extinctions. The horseshoe crabs’ bluish blood is harvested by pharmaceutical companies because of its incredible antibacterial properties, which has numerous applications in the field of medicine. 

Unfortunately, harvesting, along with other factors, has meant that their numbers are on the decline. The lessons learned by teachers during this day of professional development have already translated into passionate conversations in the science department as teachers make connections to their curriculum, and even begin planning ways to explore our local surroundings to share what they learned with their students.