Teachers Enjoy Professional Development on Makerspace

Professional Development pic

Gribbin and Deasy school staff participated in a “Maker 101 for Educators” with David Wells of New York Hall of Science as part of their Superintendent’s Conference Day on Nov. 7. Mr. Wells introduced the idea of having a makerspace and its many benefits to students.

The teachers used linkages, made from cardboard pieces and fasteners, to create various moveable animals and people. Their imaginations were piqued by this open-ended project, which incorporated trial and error and lent itself to inherent iteration. The concept of iteration, in which a final product is tweaked until its realization, is not only naturally occurring while making things, but also in all subject matters.  

The maker mindset allows for choice and success for students, all of whom have different approaches to learning. A child can come in with a specific skillset and contribute their background knowledge and build upon it. 

Given this time to collaborate and talk with colleagues was well received. One teacher shared, “I liked having fun with my friends.”  Not only was this a fun, engaging experience, but understanding the importance of allotting time for this magic to happen in the classroom is an integral part of learning.  

Click here to view a slideshow of photos from the event