Veterans Visit Deasy

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Students at Deasy School enjoyed several visits from veterans in honor of  Veterans Day.

Second-graders in Maura Haff’s and Marci Notice’s classes spent time with Christle Schneider on Nov. 9. Ms. Schneider served in the Navy and discussed the meaning of Veterans Day with students.  

Army veteran and class parent Janine Grech visited first-grade students in Mary Maloney’s class. Ms. Grech shared her Army experiences with the class and shared some special items from her time as a medic in Iraq.

Preschool students in Dayna Connolly’s class also enjoyed a special visitor. Marine Captain Ryan Doland read “Hero Dad” by Melinda Hardin to students. He also shared information about the helicopter he flies, his tenure in the military and explained what men and women in the different military branches do.

Captain Doland has been serving in the Marines for 10 years. During that time, he has lived in several U.S. states and has been deployed to Afghanistan and other countries in Europe. He is a CH-53E helicopter pilot but is currently working at the 1st Marine Corps recruiting district in Garden City.