New Writing Curriculum in Full Swing at Connolly

New Writing Curriculum in Full Swing at Connolly photo
Connolly School is fully immersed in its new writing curriculum, Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. 

Fifth-graders in Mrs. Alison Fletcher and Ms. Stephanie Duignan’s class have been working on journalism writing. Students learned that journalists are observers who are always on the lookout for a newsworthy topic to report on. Children were given the opportunity go on a “beat” and walk around Connolly School to observe and to collect newsworthy story ideas. Students worked hard to collect their ideas in their notebook, while paying close attention to details they wanted to report.  

After collecting their ideas, students created their own news article.  Concluding the unit, students had the opportunity to create a feature article, where they further researched their news topic on their iPad and added their opinion to their piece. On Friday, Dec. 8, students celebrated their writing by sharing with the class and giving positive feedback to their peers.