Landing Students Construct Ecosystems

Landing Students Construct Ecosystems 1
Landing Students Construct Ecosystems 1
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Landing fourth-graders in Melissa Harechmak’s class created ecosystems to conclude their unit on life science, animals and plants.  

Ms. Harechmak worked with her class and students in Mrs. Susan Fiumara’s class to begin their projects in school. The students began their research at school by looking at different ecosystems and habitats using databases, such as PebbleGo, PebbleGo Next and National Geographic Kids. They then worked at home to research their ecosystem in more depth, to include at least three animals and two plants. 

The students completed a writing piece describing the animals and plants, using information they learned in class and incorporating new vocabulary words. According to Ms. Harechmak, their writing pieces really demonstrated their understanding of their ecosystem, animals and plants. 

They then created a 3-D diorama representing their ecosystem. The students had a great time creating the dioramas at home using many different art materials and animal figurines to help make the project come to life. The culminating activity was in-class presentations, where students practiced their oral presentation skills as they explained their research to their peers.