Deasy Second-Graders Create E-Books

Deasy Second-Graders Create E-Books photo

Deasy second-graders in Michael Battaglia’s class recently wrote nonfiction books using the app Book Creator.

The students worked in groups to write a story and then transferred their writing to the app. They also learned about text features and how to create labels and captions on the app, which they incorporated into their projects. The class really enjoyed shooting and inserting video files and recording audio of their writing. Students wrote about holiday and winter topics, such as “How to be Kind During the Holiday Season,” How to be Safe in the Snow” and “Games We Can Play in the Winter.” Each of their books were required to have a cover page and table of contents. 

According to Mr. Battaglia, the English language arts lesson gave students an opportunity to practice their reading fluency and writing, as well as get more familiar with the apps on the school’s iPads. To see the students’ creations, click on the following link: