Author Visit at Deasy

Author Visit at Deasy photo

Children’s illustrator and author Laura Vaccaro Seeger visited Deasy School students as a kickoff to the school’s Pick a Reading Partner celebration.

During the PTA-sponsored visit, Seeger explained to students how artists see things that other people don’t and encouraged them to always pay attention to background space. She demonstrated the idea by pointing to the die cut holes she uses in her books, which lead to other pictures and words on different pages. After explaining some of the artistic techniques she uses, she read a few of her stories, including “Dog and Bear: Bear in the Chair” and “Bully.” The students, who were dressed in pajamas as part of the PARP celebration, were encouraged to keep journals to write down their ideas, sketch and create stories. They also learned how to sketch the “Dog and Bear” characters with the author’s help.  

At the conclusion of the visit, second-graders in Maura Haff’s and Marci Notice’s classes showed Seeger the artwork they had created using techniques found in her books.