Connolly Academic Plus Students Dissect Owl Pellets

Connolly Academic Plus Students Dissect Owl Pellets photo thumbnail86088

Fourth-grade students in Connolly’s Academic Plus program dissected owl pellets as part of their study of raptors.

Prior to the dissection, the group researched different raptors and wrote realistic fiction pieces to convey what they had learned about their habitat, diet and neighborhood, and how humans affect their existence. According to science, technology, research, engineering and arts teacher Cheryl Carmody, the students were given creative license with regard to their project and created outstanding posters, dioramas and other projects to accompany their writing. 

Mrs. Carmody explained to students that farmers have owl pellets examined to determine what rodents are hurting their crops. She then equipped each team of students with an owl pellet, plastic gloves, magnifying glasses and tweezers to begin identifying the bones, skulls and other materials contained in their pellet.   

The Academic Plus Program is an accelerated educational program offered to students in grades 3-5 at both Connolly and Landing schools.