Gribbin Second-Graders Celebrate Writing Accomplishments

Gribbin Second-Graders Celebrate Writing Accomplishments photo thumbnail86175

Students in Coleen Brunhuber’s class presented their small-moment stories and nonfiction books to classmates and family members during a writing celebration on Jan. 18.

One by one, students went to a microphone at the front of the classroom and read their small-moment stories, which Mrs. Brunhuber projected onto the class smart board. The second-graders wrote about a variety of experiences, including skiing, bowling and apple picking. After reading their work, they returned to their desks and shared their nonfiction books and a snack with their invited guest. The students are honing their writing skills using Writing Workshop, a new program initiated by the district in partnership with Columbia University’s Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. 

“The students are reading and writing every day as part of this program, and they’re really excited about it,” Mrs. Brunhuber said. 

According to Mrs. Brunhuber, the nonfiction book assignment required students to become an expert on something. Research was conducted using the PebbleGo app. The second-graders learned the importance of sensory details and that each story must have a beginning, middle and end. They also used authors, such as Jane Yolen, as mentors.