Longtime District Employee Honored at BOE Meeting

Longtime District Employee Honored at BOE Meeting photo
Superintendent of Schools Dr. Maria Rianna and members of the Board of Education paid tribute to recent retiree Thomas Staab at the Feb. 7 Board of Education meeting at Landing School. 

Dr. Rianna said it was apropos to celebrate Mr. Staab at Landing School, where he attended kindergarten. During his tenure, Mr. Staab delivered mail within the district, but as Dr. Rianna shared, he was much more to the Glen Cove schools community.

“People in our office at Thayer House did not get to their desks without his help on icy mornings,” Dr. Rianna said. “He is someone who will run errands outside of the regular route. He did well above whatever job description may have been put in at personnel. I think we owe a moment of recognition to a man who gave a lifetime of commitment.” 

Mr. Staab was presented with a certificate of recognition from the Board of Education, who thanked him for his tireless dedication and service to the school community.