HS Media Art Students are Finalists for MSG Varsity “V” Awards

The MSG Varsity Network recently honored three Glen Cove High School Communication Arts students as regional finalists for its prestigious V Awards in excellence in television video production and broadcasting. The following students enrolled in Chris Barry’s Communications Arts Academy received a certificate from MSG Varsity, a plaque from their school:

Francesca Sharper
On-Air Talent, Non-Sports Category – “GCTV Friday Morning News”

Emily Charlaff
On-Air Talent, Non-Sports Category – “GCTV Friday Morning News”

Summer Smiley
On-Air Talent, Non-Sports – “Smiles With Summer Senior Superlatives”

Each of these students’ segments aired on the MSG Varsity Network (Channel 14 on Cablevision) this year. Francesca is being honored for a piece she created on the Glen Cove High School radio station; Emily is being honored for her coverage of a regional science competition held at Kellenberg High School; and Summer is being honored for a “woman on the street” style broadcast entitled “Smiles With Summer Senior Superlatives” in which she interviewed her fellow classmates at Glen Cove High School about school-related issues.

This past weekend MSG Varsity announced that Francesca was named a Tri-State Finalist for the MSG Varsity V Award for Best On-Air Talent. Her work will now be judged against contestants representing high schools from throughout New Jersey, Connecticut and New York State.

MSG Varsity Area Manager of High School Partnerships Kevin Waters is pictured here awarding Summer, Francesca and Emily certificates for their achievement, along with their teacher, Mr. Barry.