Finley’s Financial Wizards: Class Wins 1st Overall in Newsday Stock Game!

Need some advice on your financial portfolio? Just ask Critstina Robino’s eighth-grade Home and Careers students at Finley Middle School, who won 1st place overall in Newsday’s Stock Market Game. The team of John Giambrone, Michael Payton, Sean Morrissey and Isaac Loviglio (all pictured left to right with Ms. Robino and Finley School Principal Dr. Anael Alston) won the 15-week virtual competition, out-earning middle schools, high schools, and even college teams from throughout Long Island.

Finley’s financial wizards not only finished 1st overall on Long Island, they also finished 13th in New York State in the statewide competition. Each team in the game is given a virtual $100,000 to invest over the course of the 15 weeks, with the team making the most profit in that time declared the winner. John, Michael, Sean and Isaac cited Under Armour, MasterCard and Apple stock as their big producers. Every Monday they logged onto the Newsday Stock Market Game online leader board to see how they fared for the week, discussing different stocks and using online resources such as Yahoo Finance and, as well as what they learned in the classroom, to aid them in their investment strategy.

According to Ms. Robino, the Newsday Stock Market Game is interdisciplinary and teaches the students different principles of economics. But if you are too shy to ask the reigning stock market champs for some financial advice, you can always ask Ms. Robino, or one of her two other teams at Finley Middle School who finished in the Top 5 overall on Long Island!

Ms. Robino’s Top 5 Stock Market Teams:

1st Place (LI):
John Giambrone
Isaac Loviglio
Sean Morrissey
Michael Payton

4th Place (LI):
Alexandria Bruzzi
Maggie Muzante
Howard Woods

5th Place (LI):
Michael Damiano
Michael Figliuolo
Joseph Suozzi