Junior Researches Black History and Desegregation in Video

Junior Researches Black History and Desegregation in Video photo

Glen Cove High School junior Dajour Gibson presented his video, “All Colors Are Equal in Education,” to his peers and Finley Middle School students on Feb. 16, as part of the district’s Black History Month celebration.

Gibson researched Black History and the desegregation of schools, with a special focus on Glen Cove City Schools, for his video. As part of the project, he interviewed former Glen Cove High School Assistant Principal Sheryl Goodine. Goodine was the first black girl admitted to the new integrated schools in Glen Cove. Her father, James Davis, along with the Glen Cove NAACP, were instrumental in desegregating Glen Cove City Schools and the city’s fire department. 

During the visit at Finley Middle School, Assistant Principal Allen Hudson III introduced Gibson, who he described as a “tremendously insightful and wonderful young man.” Gibson shared some opening comments prior to the viewing.

“As a black student in the high school, it means a lot to me that nowadays we can all come to school together,” he said. 

Gibson also spoke of Goodine and her family’s contributions to the Civil Rights Movement.   

“Ms. Goodine changed the culture of Glen Cove for the better,” Gibson said.  

He also told students that there was still work to do.

“There’s still a lot of racism today around the world and it’s important that we open our eyes to it. It’s something we have to overcome slowly.”

In the video, Ms. Goodine shared her experience of going from a school where everyone looked like her, to going to classes where she was the minority, describing the experience as a culture shock. After the video presentation, Ms. Goodine spoke more of her experiences, including how she learned of Black History in college. She also took questions from the middle school students.

The assembly concluded with the middle school’s chorus delivering an outstanding rendition of “Precious Lord Take My Hand,” under the direction of teacher Joy Sullivan. Dajour will be submitting his video to the Hofstra University History Day project.