Jr. NBA Skills Challenge Winners Celebrated at Landing

Jr. NBA Skills Challenge Winners Celebrated at Landing photo
Landing School students participated in the Jr. NBA Skills Challenge in January, where they competed in dribbling and shooting skills and tried to score their highest personal point total within one minute. Landing physical education teacher Karen Serani expressed her pride to all students who entered the contest. The following were winners in their age division:

Boys Under 11
1st place: Jadyn Johnson – 36 points
2nd place (tied): Devon Gonzalez and Dylan Piriyatamwong – 27 points
3rd place: Franco Fort – 25 points

Girls Under 11
1st place: Jaylin Neder – 27 points
2nd place: Sarah Ayiku – 10 points
3rd place: Olivia DeCurtis – 8 points

Boys Under 13
1st place: Xavier Lizarraga – 13 points
2nd place: Leybis Villatoro – 9 points
 3rd place: Chris Diggs – 4 points

Girls Under 13
1st place: Mirian Alfaro – 4 points

On March 25, the 11 finalists will compete in the regional competition at Basketball City at Pier 36 in New York City. Good luck!