Students Compete at Medical Marvels Competition

Students Compete at Medical Marvels Competition photo
For the first time, students from Glen Cove High School participated in the 6th annual Medical Marvels competition through Northwell Health.  

Along with their teacher, Ms. Jillian Romano, students Adam Rami Hassan, Andrew Palafox, Mikael Barajas, Emma Spoto and Carina Gigliotti from the Science Research Literacy class attended the competition on March 9, competing against teams from 22 high schools from across Long Island and Queens. 

In preparation for the competition, students worked on a 14-page paper, where they proposed their own original solution to the national opioid crisis. In addition, students were tasked with creating a scientific display board to showcase their proposal. Finally, students were responsible for a two-minute oral presentation, which was followed by a one-minute question-and-answer session. A highlight from the students’ presentation was the detailed scientific description of their clinical investigation that studied the effects of decreasing the dosage of opioids without a patient’s knowledge. The students predicted that the slow decrease in dosage would allow patients to recover from addiction at a faster rate. Students explained that they would administer a number of surveys, physical fitness tests and brain imaging techniques to validate the physiological effect of their experiment. 

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Technology Dr. Michael Israel and District Coordinator of Science Ms. Alexa Doeschner attended the competition and stated how impressed they were with the incredible amount of work and energy that went into this endeavor.