GCHS Students STEP Up to the Science Competition

Congratulations to Glen Cove High School students Nicole Alexander and Rina Hernandez. Their project won 1st Place in the senior division of the Social Sciences category at the 14th Annual STEP (Science, Technology Entry Program) conference in Albany.

Nicole and Rina collaborated on a research project that compared reaction times in people with different personality types. Their research showed that “Type A” personalities, who are generally considered more aggressive, demonstrated slower reaction times than “Type B” personalities, who are generally considered more complacent. The girls used online visual and auditory tests to arrive at their conclusion. Nicole (second from left) and Rina are congratulated here by their science teacher Brendan Clements (far left) and Science Chairperson Thomas Pye, as they display their 1st Place trophy.

STEP, which is represented by more than 50 colleges and universities from across New York State, provides middle and high school students with practical experience in the scientific, technical, and health‐related fields and prepares them for the rigors of college and beyond. More than 400 students and 125 program directors/advisors regularly attend this conference. Eight students from Glen Cove High School attended this year.