Gribbin Students Tour Glen Cove

Gribbin Students Tour Glen Cove photo

Second-grade students at Gribbin School took a bus tour around Glen Cove to learn about the history of their community. During the tour, the students heard interesting facts about when Glen Cove was founded – known then as Musketa Cove. The tour included stops at Garvies Point Museum; Glen Cove Mansion, one of the first homes built in Glen Cove; Morgan Park and the library. The students met with City of Glen Cove Mayor Timothy Tenke at City Hall, learned about his job and how he helps the citizens of Glen Cove. They also visited the Glen Cove Police Department, where they were given a tour of the department and were educated on the different ways that the police help their community. This trip had a special meaning, as it coincided with the 350th anniversary of the founding of Glen Cove.