Kids Tout their Creativity via Skype and Smartboards

Second graders in Caryn Stasco’s class at Gribbin Elementary School participated in a special art project and videoconference with art teacher LeeAnn Palazzo and Jean Bennardo’s art class at Deasy Elementary School, using Smartboards and Skype technology.

As part of a “pop art” project in which students studied the works and style of Andy Warhol, youngsters created self-portraits, repeated four times using contrasting colors. Gribbin students began this special lesson by painting and working on their projects alongside Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Laria, who painted his own Warhol-like self-portrait. About midway through the lesson, Ms. Stasco’s students contacted Ms. Bennardo’s class at Deasy School via the Internet protocol software Skype.  Once they connected, the two classes videoconferenced about the art project using the large Smartboards in each classroom. Gribbin students displayed and explained their pop art works, as the two classes discussed the styles and methods used. Pop art employs aspects of mass culture such as advertising, comic books, and cultural objects.

The lesson enabled students to demonstrate their creativity, learn about pop art, and sharpen their communication skills while making new friends, all through the use of videoconferencing technology.