Students in Coleen Verity's second-grade class at Gribbin Elementary School recently read a non-fiction book entitled, Buddy: The First Seeing Eye Dog written by Eva Moore.  The students read the book as part of their "book club" independent reading during their literacy block.

Morris Frank was a blind man from Nashville who helped launch the first school to train Seeing Eye dogs.  His dog, “Buddy”, is considered to be the first Seeing Eye dog in America.  After reading the book, the students continued their research online and through other books.  After writing a biography report about Mr. Frank, Ms. Verity assigned the reading group to write a short play summarizing the book in their own words.  Each student played a character or acted as a narrator.  They made simple costumes and props to help present the skit to their classmates.  The students had fun learning more about the author and gained a better understanding of the story by portraying the characters and presenting their performance to the class.

Some of Ms. Verity's students are seen here in costume displaying the book.