Virtual Shark Dive for Deasy Students

Virtual Shark Dive for Deasy Students photo

Deasy School second-graders went on a deep-sea exhibition using the Google Expeditions virtual reality app during their STREAM (science, technology, research, engineering, art and mathematics) class with teacher Giselle Taylor.

Ms. Taylor served as the “tour guide” as students explored Australia, Fiji and Mexico, learning about different types of sharks. Students listened carefully to descriptions of whale, great white, blacktip reef and Port Jackson sharks, learning about their size and the environment where they live. After the exploration, students selected a shark and typed up what they learned in Seesaw, a digital portfolio app for students. 

According to Ms. Taylor, the virtual reality shark dive was a culminating activity for students learning about sharks through the Flipgrid Explorer Series: Sharks. They also have been learning to type and were able to apply those skills to the assignment.