We invite you to join us on Monday night April 30th at 7:00 PM for our next BOE Educational Workshop which will take place in the Glen Cove High School TV Studio, located on the second floor, next to the school library. The GCTV staff, Chris Barry and Pasquale Iannelli, will provide a tour of the entire facility showcasing the technology, curriculum and 40-year history behind the district's award winning television production program.

The evening will culminate with the GCTV student crew producing a live interview show featuring Glen Cove High School junior and GCTV news reporter Dora Hill and her special guest for the evening, ABC news reporter Kristen Thorne. Kristen will be answering questions about the current state of the broadcast industry, how to get a job in television production, the important role of women in broadcasting, pursuing a college degree in media, and the value of jumpstarting your professional career in educational television programs like the one offered here at Glen Cove High School.

Be a part of the studio audience as the GCTV crew proudly presents A Discussion with ABC News Reporter Kristen Thorne. The tour begins at 7:00 PM. The taping will begin promptly at 7:45.