Finley Students Move Up

Finley Students Move Up photo

Eighth-graders at Robert M. Finley Middle School bid farewell to teachers and administrators during the school’s moving up ceremony on June 20.

The ceremony began with the seventh-grade band playing “Pomp and Circumstance” as students processed into the school’s auditorium. It continued with Emmanuel Marquez-Chalen leading those in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Finley’s top two eighth-graders, Doris Serrano and Colleen Coelho, addressed their classmates at the ceremony. Doris’ speech, “A Walk Through Middle School” reflected on the class’ growth since sixth grade, while Colleen’s focused on the “540 Days” of middle school, and encouraged peers to make every day count now and in the future. 

“We are a powerhouse of unlimited potential. We will continue to inspire generations, embrace our individuality and push boundaries set by those too afraid to make every… day… count,” Colleen said.  

Assistant Principal Lawrence Carroll spoke about the three short years the students have spent at Finley.  

“Coming to the middle school is hard,” he said. “All of us working here remember when you first started here, looking somewhat overwhelmed by the whole experience, but we were the lucky ones because we had the privilege of watching you grow, not only in your studies, but as individuals.”  

Mr. Carroll also encouraged the students to continue to give back to the community and to reach out to others in positive ways. 

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Maria Rianna also addressed the graduating eighth-graders and their families, congratulating them on their outstanding achievements. Dr. Rianna also urged the students to be kind. 

“You are so amazing, each and every one of you in your own special way. Respect yourself and respect those around you,” Dr. Rianna said. “Be happy. My wish for you tonight and always is that your future be filled with choices and that kindness will always lead your way.” 

After Dr. Rianna’s comments, students were presented with certificates marking their completion of the eighth grade. They were also treated to a musical performance by a select group of eighth-graders, who sang “I Lived” and later enjoyed dancing and taking photos at the annual eighth-grade dance.