Getting to Know Your School

Robert M. Finley Middle School opened its doors to incoming sixth-graders for an orientation on Wednesday, Aug. 29, less than one week before the scheduled opening of school on Sept. 4.

New Principal Nelson Iocolano welcomed the newest middle schoolers, providing them with a friendly overview of the building, including schedules, lockers and other important items, with help from Assistant Principal Lawrence Carroll and guidance counselors Juan Molina and Gus Sirakis.

Social worker and National Junior Honor Society advisor Linda Batson discussed the academic and community service requirements for becoming a NJHS member. Current Finley NJHS members led the sixth-graders on a scavenger hunt to help them become better acquainted with their new school and its major points of interest.

Mr. Iocolano also briefly touched upon the new Dignity for All Students Act and encouraged the group to confide in their teachers and other support staff if they feel they are being bullied. He later shed his suit for a t-shirt and tongs to man the grill as the Finley PTA sponsored a welcoming barbecue. “Mr. I” said he looked forward to the day three years from now when he can send this group off in style with another barbecue to celebrate their graduation to Glen Cove High School.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joseph Laria was also on hand to wish the newcomers well. “You are in the major leagues now,” he told them. “Welcome to young adulthood!”