Gribbin Kids’ Café Lindo Helps Aquatic Life

Second-grade ESL students at Gribbin Elementary School recently raised $400 dollars, and used the money to "adopt" sea animals at the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research.

Under the direction of ESL teacher Amy Cooke, students organized a lunchtime café called “Café Lindo” where they prepared and sold drinks, desserts and light snacks to school staff and guests. ESL students volunteered to work at the café through their lunch and recess period, preparing food, waiting on tables, writing checks, making change, and cleaning up each day. Chobani Yogurt provided a generous donation to the cause as well.

Once all of the donations were in, the students visited the Riverhead Foundation website where they were able to learn about and adopt seals, sea turtles and dolphins who are being rehabilitated or tracked by the Foundation. All of these animals will eventually be released into the ocean from Long Island beaches.  For more information go to