On Saturday, September 29, the Glen Cove School District and the City of Glen Cove came together to save school district taxpayers an estimated $10,000. The City of Glen Cove conducted its “Stop Throwing Out Pollutants” (STOP) program, which provides residents with an environmentally sound way to dispose of household trash that is too unsafe or hazardous for regular disposal. While the program has been available to residential homeowners within the City limits in past years, this is the first year that the City will allow the school district to dispose of its waste at the City’s Morris Avenue transfer station on the designated day.

According to Glen Cove School District Director of Facilities Joseph Fiorino, the school district would otherwise have to pay a hazardous waste vendor to dispose of older cleaning solvents and chemicals (the district now uses green cleaners), old waste oil, and other materials deemed unsafe for regular discarding. The Glen Cove School District and City of Glen Cove continue to work together to develop new ways to share services and reduce costs for residents.

“On behalf of the Glen Cove School District I would like to thank Mayor Ralph Suozzi for his ongoing support,” said Mr. Fiorino. “Cooperation on endeavors such as this is what public service is all about, and shows the solidarity of the Glen Cove community.”