Landing Honors Supporters & Student Greatness at Town Meeting

Landing Elementary School held its inaugural monthly Town Meeting earlier this month, a school-wide assembly designed to celebrate the many outstanding classroom activities and student and community contributions to the school.  

Landing Interim Principal Martin Malone recognized longstanding community members Alan and Edna Shotwell, who have been donating school supplies to Landing School students for years.  Mr. Shotwell (age 93) attended the meeting and told the audience of students and parents how difficult it was attending school with little or no supplies during the Great Depression era. Mrs. Shotwell, who has lived in Glen Cove all her life, recalled being a member of the Landing School second-grade class the very first year that the school opened.

Several Landing students were also honored for being caught “doing something great” on their own, which follows the school belief that all students should do something nice when no one’s watching.