Following the Golden Rule

Students at Deasy School recently had some fun with character education, thanks to “Beth and Scott and Friends” an interactive concert/workshop group that incorporated music, humor and stories to engage young students in the topics of sharing, non-bullying, respect, responsibility, and self-esteem.

Through age appropriate skits and songs, strong character principles were instilled and reinforced in the children, led by the award-winning husband and wife duo and arts-in-education specialists who have performed thousands of school assemblies and workshops. Honesty, graciousness, good listening, good manners, anti-bullying behavior and peaceful conflict resolution were some of the key topics covered as Deasy students learned to follow the golden rule of  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Delivering the lessons in story form helped to put the messages in the context of everyday situations, with reinforcement coming through audience participation. The assembly culminated with the entire group–students, performers and teachers– singing “We are the Deasy School; One Big Family” a song written and composed by Beth and Scott and all the Deasy students and staff in 2010.

October is National Bully Prevention and Awareness Month, so the assembly was timely. Deasy School conducts character education lessons and exercises throughout the school year and the principles of good character are reinforced every day.