To all our Customers, From Kevin Clifford, President of Hendrickson Bus Corp.

As you are no doubt aware, there have been several recent incidents of school bus drivers being arrested for driving school buses while impaired by alcohol. Thankfully, none of these incidents involved drivers from our company. We take pride in the superior precautions that we take as a company to avoid such situations. Due to the press coverage of these recent incidents, we wanted to take a moment to share with you the methods and policies we utilize to help prevent them in our company. These procedures, which have been in place for years, are strong and effective, and keep our children safe every day.

Our drug and alcohol policy is among the strictest in the industry, complying with and exceeding Federal regulations. While Federal law exempts from drug and alcohol testing any CDL drivers who have N1 & N2 restrictions on their license, as well as any non-CDL employees, our policy requires ALL Drivers, Driver Assistants, Mechanics, Office Staff, and even Upper Management to be pre-employment drug tested, and randomly tested on a regular basis (including alcohol).  Employees are also immediately post-accident tested in many circumstances, including when a driver receives a moving violation in conjunction with the accident.

Use of ANY alcohol products within six (6) hours before signing in for work results in immediate termination of employment, regardless of the amount. When tested, a blood alcohol content result of .02 or greater also results in immediate termination. This .02 threshold is half the .04 threshold mandated by Federal law. Also over and above the law, an incidental reading of less than .02 results in a 24 hour suspension, and may include other disciplinary action, up to and including termination. A failed (positive) drug test result also leads to immediate termination.

Federal law allows for drivers to re-qualify for driving after seeking drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Our Company, however, will NOT put back to work or rehire any employee who has failed either test.

In addition to the above testing, we feel our company is among the most prepared of all companies on Long Island to identify and prevent a driver from taking to the road after drinking. Our office staff and upper management are periodically trained and certified in drug and alcohol use detection, and our policies call for immediate drug and or alcohol testing, based on reasonable suspicion by management. To this end, most important of all our policies, ALL of our employees MUST present themselves personally to office staff at the beginning and end of every single AM, Midday and PM report. During each of these exchanges, the employee is face to face with their Supervisor, at which time that Supervisor evaluates first hand the employee’s condition. This all occurs prior to them stepping foot on a bus. None of our vehicles are allowed to go home with drivers between runs or overnight.

We are extremely proud of the professionalism all our employees show every day in transporting our children safely. They take on this mission with a dedication and a level of attention that is to be commended. It is our hope that we never experience an incident such as those of the last month, but in an abundance of caution, we have consistently gone above and beyond the mandates and regulations, and made significant financial investments to implement a strong, effective set of procedures and policies with which to identify a problem, BEFORE it occurs.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this information, please contact our Senior Manager of Safety and Training, Paul Mori at (516) 628-1800.


Kevin J. Clifford