From One City to Another

Members and officers of the Glen Cove High School Student Senate and Class of 2013, respectively, have organized a “City 2 City” campaign to assist their sister city Long Beach in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. Glen Cove and Long Beach are the only two incorporated cities on Long Island, and many Glen Cove teachers and staff members reside in Long Beach, which was devastated by the storm.

“After talking about what we wanted to do to help, we decided to help other students in a small city just like ours,” said Student Senate member Caroline Suozzi. Nearly every officer or student leader from Glen Cove is spearheading a different campaign to raise funds and goods to assist residents in Long Beach, including toy drives, coin drives and basic donation drives. This year’s fall production at the high school (next weekend) will also serve as a fundraiser for the City 2 City effort, with a dinner and show combination ticket available. The students are also organizing a chain link sale; for a $1 donation, you can add a link with your name to the growing chain, which was designed using the blue and white colors of the Long Beach City School District and will ultimately be presented to Long Beach students.

City 2 City Committee members are seen here displaying the chain: (L-R): Jenifer Ingegno, Kristen Ingegno, Emily Anderson, Brianna Leon, Allie Cappiello, Caroline Suozzi, Paul Coelho (committee president) and Nicole Bedell. Missing from the photo are committee members Gabriella Ermmarino and Carina Zupa.

Glen Cove’s City 2 City Committee is also reaching out to students at Finley Middle School and the elementary schools of Glen Cove to spread the message, engage students and staff members and garner support for the effort. For more information on how you can help, please contact your respective Glen Cove school’s main office, or contact the high school at 516-801-7610. Glen Cove High School Principal Dr. Joseph Hinton serves as the adviser to the group.