Every Day Is Earth Day at Gribbin

Every Day Is Earth Day at Gribbin photo thumbnail118241

Teachers and staff at Gribbin cultivate love and respect for nature through various outdoor lessons, and what better way to celebrate Earth than with outdoor education. In keeping with that, first grade classes enjoyed a beautiful day outside on April 16 in celebration of Earth Day.

Classes circulated from station to station, painting rocks for the native garden, creating bug hotels using plastic bottles and sticks found around the school yard. Students created Earth Day murals that featured drawn pictures and words on how they could help the Earth. They also planted seeds, read books and went bird watching using binoculars in their STREAM (science, technology, research, engineering, art and mathematics) classes. 

Students recently researched the solar system, including Earth, with their classroom and STREAM teachers. They learned the vital lesson that the Earth is the only planet where humans can live and that we all need to take care of it.