Earlier today, we received a rumor alleging that a student was planning to come to Glen Cove High School with the intent on shooting people. Upon hearing of this, we immediately contacted the Glen Cove Police Department. The police have since interviewed the student alleged in the rumor and have found no credible evidence to the rumor. There never was any shooter at Glen Cove High School.

Mayor Suozzi and I have been in touch with each other this morning. Although the rumor is unfounded, Mayor Suozzi has offered to assign a police officer to each school today so that parents, staff and children can feel secure.  We thank Mayor Suozzi for his cooperation in assigning a police officer to each of our schools today.

We are taking nothing for granted and the high school will remain in a lock-out mode for today. Be assured that we take all rumors seriously and will always take all necessary precautions to protect our students and staff.
Thank you.