Ringing in Chinese New Year

Ninth-graders in Tiffany Fan’s foreign language class at Glen Cove High School celebrated the Chinese New Year with a variety of cultural based activities. Students enrolled in the Chinese 2 class decorated a bulletin board with drawings of snakes, as it is the year of the snake, and Chinese writing. They also constructed traditional lanterns, adorning them with phrases related to the Chinese New Year.

Recognizing the New Year enables students to explore an aspect of culture that is completely different from their own. The unit involves learning about the zodiacs, appropriate characters and animal words that are associated with the New Year’s celebration. Ms. Fan said that it is imperative for the students to learn about the New Year celebration because it is a vital part of Chinese culture.

“There are a lot of traditions involved with the Chinese New Year that are closely related to Chinese people’s temperament, culture, values and beliefs. Learning about the Chinese New Year will give them good insight on Chinese culture,” she added.