An Education on Bullying

Students in all grade levels at Finley Middle School received a unique view of bullying during a special presentation by Sonny Bifone, a Community Resource Officer with the Glen Cove City Police Department, and Charmaine Clarke, Mentoring Director at the Glen Cove Youth Bureau, entitled “Bullying and Its Consequences.” The workshop depicted real life victims of bullying, including cyber bullying, through the use of emotional news videos and other clips. Officer Bifone emphasized the dire consequences associated with bullying and how students should be working to prevent it.

“Seeing real life experience of other kids going through the same bullying issues puts them in the situation where they can put themselves in their shoes and see that it is quite possible that this could be happening in their own school,” Officer Bifone said. “We have to find a way to stop it.”

Ms. Clarke explained that this type of program is important for all of the students because bullying is an issue within the school district. “This is one of driving forces behind us actually doing this program,” she added.