Students Showcase Their Scientific Knowledge

Fifth-graders at Connolly Elementary School in Glen Cove recently showcased their science knowledge for their peers and family members during the school’s annual science fair. The fair served as an opportunity for the fifth-graders to utilize their scientific research skills to pick a hypothesis and conduct an experiment. Projects covered a range of scientific disciplines, including engineering, environmental and chemistry, among many others. Every student is a participant in the activity, as there are no winners or losers, highlighting talents and unique scientific ability while enhancing the curriculum. Students, with the assistance of their teacher, selected a topic that they were interested in and completed all of the work for the projects at home.

“It enhances the curriculum and is a wonderful opportunity for the students to showcase their research and scientific skills, sharing it with their peers and family members,” Principal Rosemarie Sekelsky said.

Younger students were able to visit the fair to learn more about the exciting experiments. Additionally, fourth-graders will have a chance to present their projects at their own science fair on Feb. 28.