BOE Appoints Next Superintendent

Veteran administrator Maria L. Rianna set to lead Glen Cove beginning July 1, 2013

The Glen Cove City School District Board of Education has unanimously appointed Maria L. Rianna as the next Superintendent of Schools, effective July 1, 2013. A veteran educator and administrator, Ms. Rianna has successfully served as an Assistant/Deputy Superintendent since 2000.

After reviewing numerous resumes and public questionnaire responses and conducting several rounds of interviews, the Board members conferred and identified Ms. Rianna as their candidate of choice to lead the Glen Cove School District into the future. In fact, when polled, each of the seven members of the Board identified her as his/her top choice. District Wise Search Consultants assisted the Board in narrowing the field to find the candidate who best met the criteria of the Board, as well as staff and community following multiple input sessions.

“We were quite thrilled with the candidate pool as many qualified people were presented to us,” said Board of Education President Joel Sunshine who anticipated announcing a new superintendent later in the winter/spring until the Board agreed that they had found their person. “Ms. Rianna has vast knowledge and experience in all areas of educational management and operations. She is very strong in curriculum, and demonstrated to us that she is not only smart and decisive, but a wonderful human being. We felt she embodied every one of the characteristics described as desirable by our community members. She is the right fit for Glen Cove and we look forward to working with her to accomplish great things for our children.”

Since 2011, Ms. Rianna has been the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Administration for the Smithtown Central School District, in charge of all aspects of the K-12 instructional program in a district comprised of 13 schools. Her additional responsibilities include the creation and supervision of the district budget pertaining to program; supervision and evaluation of all building and district-level curriculum administrators; implementation of all professional development; and participation in negotiations of labor agreements.

“I am honored to be the next Superintendent of the Glen Cove School District. My thanks go out to each and every Board member for showing faith in me to lead this school system at a time when new Common Core Standards are being implemented and challenges in public education become more complex,” said Ms. Rianna. “From what I have seen, the Glen Cove community is dedicated to doing what is best for its children. I look forward to working with my new administrative team, the teachers, parents and other concerned residents and organizations to help our students to realize their vision and achieve greatness as they advance through the Glen Cove schools.”

Prior to Smithtown, she served as Assistant Superintendent and later Deputy Superintendent of the Port Jefferson School District. With similar responsibilities as those held in Smithtown, following her promotion to Deputy, Ms. Rianna’s role expanded to include recruitment of instructional staff, participation and input into district capital projects and assisting the superintendent of schools in all aspects of district operations.

Her accomplishments include: increasing the number of students receiving Regents diplomas with distinction and improving the percentage of students attending four-year colleges while enhancing student eligibility and acceptance into more rigorous institutions of higher education; increasing the number of Advanced Placement exams while maintaining exceptional passing rates; expanding access to student data to improve instruction and overall achievement; integrating leading-edge technology resources to enhance instruction (iPads, SmartBoards, laptop carts, Skype, etc.); fostering a partnership with Stony Brook University for student E-tutorials; implementing cost saving measures to purchase services and software; creating a middle school science research program to increase interest and future participation in the Intel Science Search and regional science competitions; designing and implementing elementary science labs and an elementary foreign language (FLES) program; restructuring RtI programs to more effectively identify at-risk students while improving understanding of student progress; enhancing the work of Child Study Teams to provide students interventions that best meet their identified learning needs; and enhancing secondary support for special needs students through inclusion programs.

Ms. Rianna also served as Director of Special Education for the William Floyd School District, responsible for a $15 million special education budget and charged with the task of aligning the special education curriculum with the ever-evolving, more rigorous New York State standards. She also served as both the Assistant Director for Special Education as well as the Coordinator for ELA, Reading, Preschool and Special Grants in the Patchogue-Medford School District where she taught elementary special education and later developed master schedules and coordinated pupil personnel services as dean of students at the middle and high school levels. Ms. Rianna began her career as an assistant special education teacher at Herricks High School in 1982.

This spring Ms. Rianna anticipates completing her doctoral program at Hofstra University, where she also completed her business administrator’s certification. She earned her Professional Diploma from C.W. Post and received both her Masters and Bachelor degrees from Adelphi University.