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Health and Physical Education In Action



Mr. Tripp and Mrs. Riso demonstrate and review chest compressions for CPR
during our P.E. Class!



Mr. Kopecky and Mrs. Riso lead their class in the Lifetime Fitness Activity of Yoga!

workout wed image

Mrs. Zupa's and Mrs. Sullivan's Physical Education class participates in
their Weekly Workout Wednesday routine!!


Mr. Falen and Mr. Tripp kick off the Fowling Championship Match!!


Mr. Kopecky and Mrs. Riso's Physical Education classes work on bicycle kicks during their fitness assessment!


The Glen Cove Health and Physical Education Department attends Adelphi and Hofstra University Conferences during election day!


Deasy students participating in Physical Education Halloween Activities!


Mr. Kopecky's Physical Education class participates in the Lifetime Fitness activity of Fencing!





Mr. Falen reviews how to implement the use of C.P.R. / AED in Physical Education class to our students.



Middle School Physical Education teachers run their "Workout Wednesday" Fitness class!





Physical Education teacher Ms. Barbato incorporates innovative four corner volleyball activity to work on enhanced communication and full student participation!




Mr. Falen incorporates the Sport Education Model by incorporating a time keeper, score keeper, student referee during our Team Handball Physical Education Unit!




Mr. Kopecky implements lifelong learning activities into our new Physical Education Units. In this picture the students are working on yoga poses to work on their flexibility.



Mr. Gallo Incorporates authentic life scenarios by implementing stations of short term health effects of Alcohol on the body in his Health class.


Sunday, February 23, 2020