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Secret Reader Program

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Gribbin Elementary School students kicked off a special distance learning program last month. Beginning on April 6, students received a clue each day to help them guess who would be reading a story to them on a video conference at the end of the week.

As the students signed online with their best guesses ready, they greeted each other, their teachers and shortly after, Principal Francine Santoro joined in the fun to surprise the students.

After reading the story “I can handle it” by Laurie Write, Prinicpal Santoro interacted with each student and reminded them how important reading is to their education. She then tasked the students to draw a picture of how they will work hard to stay healthy and happy while they are home from school.

“We are a big family at Gribbin. We all work together for the benefit of the students,” said Principal Santoro. “The secret reader program is a lot of fun for everyone, but what it really aims to do bring us all together as a school each week and remind our students that we are here for them.”

The secret reader program is hosted by the Gribbin Elementary PTA and has featured Gribbin faculty and staff including custodian Albert Plude, music teacher JoAnn Criblez, AIS math teacher, Michael Battaglia and STREAM teacher Jessica McKenna.