Deasy School students recently enjoyed pizza topped with delicious herbs and vegetables grown in the school’s organic garden.

The garden, which is multipurpose according to Principal Nomi Rosen, reinforces the math and science curricula while supporting the school’s healthy eating initiative.    

“Our second-grade students are studying soil, so the soil and the plantings are integrated into the curriculum,” Rosen said. “We also plant seedlings with grow lights in the classroom and transplant them into the garden.”

Eggplant, tomatoes, basil, celery and kale were just some of the delicious toppings that garnished the harvest salad pizza, thanks to Hengameh Shirazi, a kindergarten mom who volunteered to harvest the garden so the vegetables and herbs could be utilized.    

“There’s nothing like growing your own food,” Rosen said. “I also think the students are more apt to try it because they grow it, and some of these things they may not try at home.”

Vegetables from the organic garden are also used to supplement the cafeteria salad bar at Deasy. Students will have additional opportunities to eat what they have grown throughout the school year.