Members of the Glen Cove community recently visited and read to Gribbin School students as part of the school’s Parents As Reading Partners program.

Students listened to a story read by their special guest and had an opportunity to learn about the important role they have in the community. Principal Francine Santoro expressed her gratitude to the following guest readers who attended the event: 

Mr. Brian Basile — Hair Designer
Mr. Tim Benzinger — Parent
Monica Chavez — ESL Foreign Language Coordinator
Lt. Peter DiMaggio — Glen Cove Police Department
Mr. Mike DiPaolo — UPS Driver
Ms. Merrily Glaviano — Gribbin Teacher Mom
Mr. Nick Glaviano — Second-Grade Teacher’s Brother
Dr. Beverly Granger — Glen Cove Dentist
Mr. Anthony Guastella — Forest Pizza
Dr. Michael Israel — Assistant Superintendent
Mr. Todd Kopetic — Parent
Dimitri Kryoneris — Landing School Principal
Sgt. Jack MacDougal — Retired Police Officer
Ms. Arlene O’Dell — Director of GC Youth Bureau
Maria Rianna —Superintendent
Mr. Matthew Rottino — High School English Teacher
Mayor Reginald Spinello
Officer David Telese — Customs Officer
Mr. Spiro Tsirkas — GC Youth Bureau
Police Chief William Whitton