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Gribbin Students Meet Jeffrey the Bee!

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Gribbin School second-graders received a lesson in basic robotics during their recent STEM classes.

As part of the lesson, STEM teacher Jessica McKenna explained that robots are machines and cannot think for themselves. She also told students that computer scientists are needed to program the robots. The students were then introduced to “Jeffrey the Bee,” a Bee-Bot robot designed for use by young children. These robots can be used to teach sequencing, estimation, teamwork, problem-solving and basic programming. The students worked in pairs to help create a program for the Bee-Bot to get to different places on his grid. The lesson involved students getting the Bee to piles of coins that the students had to identify and add.

This interdisciplinary lesson coordinated with the second-grade math curriculum and the National Educational Technology Standards for students. McKenna hopes that exposing children to basic robotics at a young age will spark their interest in robotics, open their eyes to possible career opportunities and encourage them to participate in the district’s Robotics club when they are in the middle school.